Monday, February 2, 2009

The new year is just rolling along. Seminary was dragging me down some because of some of the youth in class but much better now. I realized part of it was my attitude for thinking negative so I think postive now that I have a great class and it goes better. I love the scriptures and I am learning so much just wish I could remember it all.
Saturday Wayne, Granny, Brigette and I went to the Mesa temple Melissa was a sweetie and babysat for Brig. I did the work for my cousins daughter Michelle I got such a sweet peaceful feeling I know she accepted. Sorry our trips to Phoenix are so quick but we did have time for our favorite ice cream and the Golden Spoon YUm Yum.
Timmy is still commuting between here and Tempe they had a small fire in their garage Sat. thankfully no one was hurt so he is at Sarah's for a day or two.
All is well getting ready for Institute.

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alison said...

Mmmmmmm, I want to eat Golden Spoon! Thanks for all you do for us, you are the best!