Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May is over unbelievable! Seminary is over for the year. And we are still out of a job always another day and another trial, but also I have found another day and many many blessings the Lord always compensates.
May 23rd Wayne and i headed for Santa Clara to Dru asnd Johns, good to see them then Wed the 25th on up to Wayne and Michelle's in Coalville and it was defiantly cold but loads of fun. Loved Trevor's graduation, like the way the eagle scout carried in the flags and of course Trevor was one of them!! Lots of snow still on the mountains, Melissa flew in on Thursday and Bubba treated up to delicious barbQ it was good to get away. Jared and Johnny came back with us we are enjoying them. Friday we are off to Phx for our first great grandchilds blessing life is good.
Here are some pic's of our trip.

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