Saturday, October 15, 2011

Haven't written in a while, alot has happen. I'm actually working out of the home for the first time in my life. I work as the evening receptionist for Courageous Journeys. I'm learning alot, was hard for me at first to be out of the home especially in the evenings, but I'm adjusting, so many changes this past year and a half. Last weekend we went to Mesa saw Jack and sweet Chloee with her broken arm, Watch Jacob and Kelvin do their moi tai stuff had a great time with Sarah and Davin and boy's, Sat we went wedding dress shopping with Melissa, we had a full crew Katie, Kiley, Sarah and Cassie. We went to 4 stores and finally the last one the Wedding Emporium had the dress, Lissa was glowing and looks wonderful in it. We all ate at Oregano's and had had a wonderful visit then off to Yuma and home. The last of Sept. we went to San Diego and Sea World with Brigette and family, Chloee was excited for shamu until he soaked her, Jack loved the river rafting ride with Bily, his dad and grandpa. We got a wonderful letter from Jeremy, Ali, Skyler and Kenzie, we miss them loved the drawings of the fall leaves. Angie got a job at the lifecare nursing home so a change for their family. Sis Price has been very ill but on the mend, I have been helping with the secretarial stuff not easy, but always good to learn. I love my family so grateful for all of them. Billy and Chantal came to visit mama and my sweet sister Sandi comes once a month.
Grateful for my many blessings. I so enjoyed General Conference, I'm thankful the Lord is always mindful of me.


alison said...

Now Kenzie is crying because she missed Timmy and Katie's wedding and she is going to miss Lissa's wedding too. I would say she is having some major Devey withdrawals right now. They had the primary program today and did such a great job. We miss you guys, glad you are adjusting to the changes and that things seem to be going well. We love you guys!

Beverley said...

Good for you sorry you have to work but it is good to learn new things and at least no little ones at home now so your don't have to have a babysitter lol. luv ya